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Corporate Responsibility


At DataSaint, we are committed to making a difference in our local community, through our corporate responsibility program.

This month we made a donation (in the form of food, stationary and other supplies) to the SPCA, Tshwane branch. We are honoured to have made a contribution to such a valued organisation, who greatly needs support from the public.


ppe2go : Your Safety, Our Solution


ppe2go is a software solution designed to give you CONTROL over your PPE issuing. It offers the following powerful benefits:

  • Potential for COST SAVINGS, through reduced usage of PPE and lower stock holdings
  • MAXIMUM CONTROL, through biometric authentication, strict entitlements and approval processes
  • Strong REPORTING features
  • EASY, SELF SERVICE that is kiosk, computer or mobile based


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NEW Supplier Expenditure per BEE Level Report!


When BEE is implemented successfully it is a means to create economic growth in South Africa.  DeltaERP incorporates functionality to ensure usage of BEE suppliers where required.  A new report has been added to review the turnover per supplier for reporting purposes.  The “Supplier Expenditure per BEE Level Report” forms part of the Procurement module.  Contact us today to activate this feature!

Did you know?


Did you know, DeltaERP can generate and email report results on your behalf?  

The system can check at certain intervals when a report is due/has data available.  

The report will be generated and emailed as a PDF attachment to nominated users ensuring results are delivered to management on time!?


Did you know?


Did you know?

DataSaint has been in the software development industry for more than 30 years! We actively create intelligent solutions, integrating various technologies and business processes into our product offerings.

Contact us for your intelligent business solution requirements today!


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