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Our Manufacturing module integrates tightly with the sales and accounts receivable functionality, warehousing and workflow. Visit our website to find out more:

A-OSH 2019


Are you serious about health and safety in the workplace?
Then a visit to A-OSH EXPO, Africa’s foremost occupational health and safety (OHS) trade show, is a must-do!
14 May - 16 May 2019 | 9am - 5pm
Johannesburg Expo Centre

A-OSH 2019


Looking forward to a wonderful A-OSH EXPO 2019!
#AOSHExpo2019 #Exhibitors #OccupationalHealth

Delta Manufacturing


The DeltaERP Manufacturing module provides accurate information on time, for all manufacturing processes. An extensive, multi-level bill of materials caters for all stages from raw materials, intermediate products to complex finished goods. Visit our website to find out more:

Planned Maintenance


Breakdown, unplanned and service work orders can be captured in DeltaERP after the breakdown event. As with any work order, labour hours and parts used are captured to provide a complete cost analysis. Downtime recorded is available online in the production information module. Visit our website to find out more:

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