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Did you know?


Did you know, DeltaERP can generate and email report results on your behalf?  

The system can check at certain intervals when a report is due/has data available.  

The report will be generated and emailed as a PDF attachment to nominated users ensuring results are delivered to management on time!?


Did you know?


Did you know?

DataSaint has been in the software development industry for more than 30 years! We actively create intelligent solutions, integrating various technologies and business processes into our product offerings.

Contact us for your intelligent business solution requirements today!


DeltaERP is a VERY customisable product!


We constantly enhance and add to our product to suit our clients’ needs.  Our most recent enhancement was to the AUR Plant application.  This application handles the online and offline status for assets and any production loss that might have occurred.  It also includes reporting tools! 

To make capturing daily inspections even faster, we have added a "Daily" button, which opens a window allowing you to select the artisan and asset.  All other data for the event is defaulted in the background and then automatically creates a daily maintenance downtime event. 

This saves our clients time and improves efficiency! 

For more updates like these, keep an eye on our social media pages.

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NEW! DataSaint has an exciting new Blog up and running! Visit it at :

DeltaERP: New Translation Functionality


DeltaERP is known for being multi-company, multi-user and dual currency.  Now introducing MULTIPLE languages!

The new multi-language functionality goes beyond the current dictionary functionality available. Users can now capture transactions in a language of their choice and do an on the fly translation to other Languages, breaking the language barrier so many of our clients often battle with. Reports and enquiries will be presented in the user’s default language!

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