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DeltaERP Planned Maintenance: What's New?


We have added an informational hint section to explain the purpose of the various reports in the Asset Enquiry application. This functionality will help our DeltaERP users to select the most relevant report option, based on their needs.

Did you know? DeltaERP Manufacturing



Did you know?

DeltaERP Manufacturing


  • A Gantt Chart representation is shown in the Production Planning application in the schedule tab.
  • This graph will display the planned schedule for each product on each asset.
  • The duration for each sub process is also shown.

Right clicking on an entry in the Gantt Chart provides multiple options including: Show/Hide the chart legend, viewing ticket details and many more.

DataSaint Newsletters Implemented!


We are excited to announce our new Newsletter feature, recently added to DeltaERP! You will now be able to receive newsletters (applicable to you) within the DeltaERP application. A new window will be opened in which you can view the newsletter, select previous newsletters or page through newsletters with “Previous/Next” buttons.

DeltaERP Manufacturing Module


Exciting DeltaERP News!

An Android Tablet Application has been developed for our DeltaERP Manufacturing Module.

It allows users on the factory floor to capture production progress, start a new ticket, complete a ticket, pause a ticket in progress, and resume a paused ticket.

We are excited about our innovative application and the benefits it will provide to our clients!

A-OSH Expo Success


We had an exciting week with our ppe2go stand at the A-OSH Expo, and are busy with all the follow ups we received from the event!

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