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DataSaint - a Brand of Matrix


We refer to our announcement dated 9 September 2021 wherein DataSaint Proprietary Limited (“DataSaint”) announced that it has signed an agreement with Matrix Design Group (“Matrix”), to sell substantial assets of DataSaint to Matrix.  We are pleased to announce that all conditions precedent to this transaction have now been fulfilled, and the transaction is effective from 1 January 2022 (the “Effective Date”).  DataSaint will continue to operate as a business unit of Matrix Design Africa providing the same products and services as before.

ERP Company DataSaint to be Acquired by Matrix Design Group


DataSaint Pty Ltd today announced that it has signed an agreement with Matrix Design Group (“Matrix”), an international leading technology solutions provider and subsidiary of Alliance Resource Partners LP (NASDAQ: ARLP), to sell substantial assets of DataSaint Pty Ltd (“DataSaint”) to Matrix. Matrix will invest in DataSaint, adding new and exciting features such as analytics and hardware solutions integration from its portfolio of leading-edge industrial solutions. The transaction is subject to regulatory approval, and we anticipate the effective date of the transaction to be 1 November 2021.


The new company will continue to operate under the trusted DataSaint name to deliver mission-critical, mining-oriented, enterprise resource planning (ERP) software to mining and other process-oriented companies.  The current DataSaint management structure and valued employees will be retained to ensure excellent continued support to customers, and continuation of the development project for DeltaERP 5 cloud-ready system.


Current agreements and services

All current Contracts and Service Level Agreements will be transferred from DataSaint to Matrix Design Africa and applicable documentation to this effect will be released to customers in due course.  All contact information and helpdesk services will remain intact and operating as before.


DataSaint is excited to start this new journey with Matrix to expand the customer base locally and internationally and will continue to develop our software solutions to provide world class systems to current and future customers.


Any enquiries can be sent to [email protected] if you require additional information.

DeltaERP 5


The next major release of DeltaERP will soon be available to our clients. Initially this new version will be rolled out in a hybrid platform until all the current modules are successfully converted into the new web based environment. All current system functionality and features will be available, including additional benefits such as:

  • No more expensive on-site servers and infrastructure required
  • Can be accessed from anywhere where internet is available
  • Mobile friendly services
  • Improved functionality

Some of the new features include:

  • New workflow module
  • Bulk materials issue capture
  • Performance improvements



With our ppe2go system you can use biometric identification for PPE requests.  With the current times, to minimize risk of contracting COVID-19 by means of touching the biometric reader, we have enhanced our system to accommodate a contactless clock card scanning process.  Contact us for more information!

Announcing DeltaERP5: A New Generation of DeltaERP



  • DataSaint (Pty) Ltd. has been hard at work to provide you with a brand-new innovative business solution. Like with most things – cloud is the way to go!
  • As a dedicated DeltaERP user, we are happy to inform you that the next version of DeltaERP is on its way. This new version will be completely cloud-based and still contain all the functionality you are accustomed to, just made better!


  • No more  expensive on-site servers and infrastructure required when DeltaERP5 is fully operational.
  • DeltaERP5 is a cloud-based web application, and if hosted offsite, can be accessed from anywhere where internet access is available.
  • Transitioning from premise to cloud will be easy as the underlying database is the same as what you are using now.
  • During the transition phase DeltaERP5 will be offered as a hybrid solution, web applications will open in your standard DeltaERP menu as a browser tab.
  • Moving directly to cloud? No problem. Enter the website address and log in with your DeltaERP username and password.
  • Older DeltaERP4 applications will be retired. All functionality will be migrated to DeltaERP5. New functionality will be added, and the entire system will be optimised for faster processing. 
  • Mobile friendly services will be made available.

DeltaERP5 –  Just another way we're assisting you and your business – Creating intelligent software for a successful business to meet the needs of all our clients.

We value you as a client and appreciate your continued support.  We are very excited about this new journey. 

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