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Announcing DeltaERP5: A New Generation of DeltaERP



  • DataSaint (Pty) Ltd. has been hard at work to provide you with a brand-new innovative business solution. Like with most things – cloud is the way to go!
  • As a dedicated DeltaERP user, we are happy to inform you that the next version of DeltaERP is on its way. This new version will be completely cloud-based and still contain all the functionality you are accustomed to, just made better!


  • No more  expensive on-site servers and infrastructure required when DeltaERP5 is fully operational.
  • DeltaERP5 is a cloud-based web application, and if hosted offsite, can be accessed from anywhere where internet access is available.
  • Transitioning from premise to cloud will be easy as the underlying database is the same as what you are using now.
  • During the transition phase DeltaERP5 will be offered as a hybrid solution, web applications will open in your standard DeltaERP menu as a browser tab.
  • Moving directly to cloud? No problem. Enter the website address and log in with your DeltaERP username and password.
  • Older DeltaERP4 applications will be retired. All functionality will be migrated to DeltaERP5. New functionality will be added, and the entire system will be optimised for faster processing. 
  • Mobile friendly services will be made available.

DeltaERP5 –  Just another way we're assisting you and your business – Creating intelligent software for a successful business to meet the needs of all our clients.

We value you as a client and appreciate your continued support.  We are very excited about this new journey. 

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